Terminally ill dad plans wedding and records bedtime stories for baby daughter after doctors missed cancer symptoms

A terminally ill Worksop dad has set about planning his dream wedding and recording bedtime stories for his baby daughter after doctors failed to diagnose him with a rare form of cancer.

Tom Bradshaw, 23, suffered from acid reflux and sickness for two years before he was eventually diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in March this year.

The former RAF airman hit national headlines when he began recording bedtime stories for his 10-month-old daughter Willow, so she can hear his voice after he passes away.

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He has also announced that he will fulfil his wish of tying the knot with his girlfriend of six and a half years in a special ceremony this October.

Thomas said: “I wanted to make sure that I would always be with Willow. I got a load of children’s books and I’ve started to record me reading them, books for all age groups.

“Everything from Fireman Sam to books for teenagers like Harry Potter, so she can keep listening to my voice as she grows.

“It was always my intention to marry Chelsea and even though we’ve had to move the wedding forward, it won’t make it any less amazing for us all.

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“Every day is a gift. I am trying to do at least one good thing every day and treasure our time together as a family.”

Tom is also keen to raise awareness of nueroendocrine cancer, as he believes he would have received an earlier diagnosis if doctors had taken his symptoms ‘more seriously.’

He said: “The message I want to put out there is pretty simple. It can happen to you- no matter how young and fit you are.

“I felt that doctors just put me into a category and did not take my symptoms seriously because of my age. I don’t want this to happen others. This is a rare form of cancer, but it can occur in young people.”

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Tom’s partner, Chelsea Baker, said: “We’re taking each day as it comes and when Tom is well enough, we go out and spend happy days together like a normal family. That’s all we want. Every minute is precious.”

The couple added that they wanted to give thanks for the ‘amazing’ support they had received from the public who have been donating to and sharing Tom’s fundraising page on social media.

There will be a charity event at Bassetlaw Soul Club, The Innings, Worksop to raise awareess and funds for Willow’s first holiday abroad and other opportunities for the family to create special memories.

The event will take place from 8pm on Saturday, November 21. You can also donate to Tom’s fundraising page at https://www.gofundme.com/ty4vt5ew

For more information on neuroendocrine cancer, visit http://www.netpatientfoundation.org

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