'˜Tent city' splits residents in Sheffield flats

Tent City, Park Hill Flats. Picture: Andrew RoeTent City, Park Hill Flats. Picture: Andrew Roe
Tent City, Park Hill Flats. Picture: Andrew Roe
Opinion has been split among Park Hill residents after a camp for homeless people sprung-up outside the flats.

Earlier this week we reported how a cluster of tents – dubbed ‘tent city’ – had been set-up on grass outside flats on South Street.

The camp was launched by dad Anthony Cunningham, aged 31, to give rough sleepers somewhere to turn and for charities and services to find the people who need their help.

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Following the article, a number of residents from the newly-developed flats contacted The Star claiming that antisocial behaviour had risen since the camp was launched two weeks ago.

But after their concerns were reported, more Park Hill residents contacted us to say they did, in fact, support the camp.

The anti-camp residents, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Tent city has been a nightmare and the increase in antisocial behaviour is concerning.

“There is a lot of people hanging around by the tents, especially after dark. This is making parents with younger children very worried.”

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They further claimed there had been reports of discarded needles and litter.

Resident Rosie Huzzard said she fully supported the camp. “Most residents have noted no increase in antisocial behaviour or drug use and were surprised at these concerns,” she said.

“Tent city residents have actually been cleaning up the existing rubbish and waste in the balconies. The area is spotless and much better than before they moved in.

“What’s been amazing is that tent city has really brought the residents of Park Hill together for a common purpose. I’ve met loads of my neighbours who I’d never even spoken to before – it’s certainly a force for good.”

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Resident Rachel Sharp said the work Anthony was doing was ‘inspiring’.

She said: Homelessness is something which could affect anyone. This is why I offer my support. This project raises the important question as to why more isn’t being done to address the issue.”