Tennis designed for pleasure not pain

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I heard Andy Murray on Radio 4 just after his Wimbledon victory.

The presenter John Humphrys asked him if he enjoyed his triumph and his reply was rather evasive. He didn’t say he enjoyed it, rather that you must embrace it. Is this what tennis has come to mean, long boring rallies, no net time, hitting the ball so hard all for the sake of winning at all costs?

Tennis was designed for pleasure not a gladiatorial bloodsport with players so tired they don’t know where they are.

No, I’d rather my son play tennis, enjoy the game win or lose than spend millions of pounds on him for the sake of winning.

The trouble is we’ve elevated winning to a point where it hurts.

That’s not really winning. As Kipling said, winning and losing are both impostors and should be treated the same.

Peter Toctan