Tenant risks losing home over breaches of conditions

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A council house tenant has been warned he faces eviction if he does not comply with the conditions of his tenancy.

Martin Hoyland, of Scraithwood Drive, Shirecliffe, appeared at Sheffield County Court for breaching his tenancy conditions by keeping a dog in his flat and allowing it to roam the streets.

The court also heard the 44-year-old allowed noisy visitors into his flat who had been involved in several fights.

South Yorkshire Police officers have been called to a number of disturbances at the flat, where arrests have been made.

Sheffield Council applied for a warrant to take possession of the flat.

However, after Mr Hoyland agreed to re-home his dog and not cause any further nuisance, District Judge Christopher Birkby ruled he should be allowed to remain in his property.

But the judge warned Mr Hoyland that further breaches of his tenancy agrement could lead to him losing his home.

Dean Butterworth, council assistant director of housing, said: “We take our tenancy conditions very seriously and will always act swiftly if we are alerted to a situation where they are being breached.

“This is Mr Hoyland’s last chance to comply with the conditions.”