Temperatures fall as sleet is predicted

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THE early signs of snow could be on the way with sleet on higher ground, a chance of frost and dropping temperatures in South Yorkshire over the next few days.

Although forecasters say the likelihood of the South Yorkshire region becoming covered in snow is ‘uncertain’ over the coming week there is some wintry weather predicted too.

This time last year the area lay under a blanket of deep snow as extreme falls surprised the country.

So far this year the weather has been mild, although many still fear a repeat of the frozen flurries.

Meteo Group said tomorrow would be ‘blustery’ with rain spells in more western areas of the region, with a chance of frost and sleet on higher ground.

On Sunday there will be showers, again mostly in western parts, with some sleet or even hailstones possible.

Temperatures will drop to around six degrees on Monday and there will be a chilling wind as well as sunshine and showers.

Andy Radcliffe, a spokesman for Meteo Group, said: “It will feel cold on Monday with temperatures of around six degrees, and that wind, so it will feel like December.

“It’s more like what we would expect for this time of year after it has been so very mild up to now.”

Some reports have already said snow is likely to fall in the next few days.

Although it can’t be ruled out altogether, forecasters say they are not certain when, or event if, snow will hit South Yorkshire.

Mr Radcliffe added: “After Tuesday there is a lot of uncertainty at this stage.”