Tell us just what Labour will do

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It was sad to read the latest Labour moan via David Blunkett MP (March 28), this time about the Government’s new Business Enterprise Zones, one of which will be in the Sheffield City Region.

This will help businesses grow, create local jobs and help keep millions in the local economy to stimulate further growth and job opportunities. The news has been widely welcomed by businesses.

Despite all this, a Labour MP is negative. However, I’m sure he would have been among the first to condemn the Government if Sheffield hadn’t received this boost.

What is clear is that Labour, both locally and in Westminster, have no solutions to the issues facing Sheffield. They simply oppose everything.

They even find fault with Lib Dem-initiated policies of taking the lowest paid out of paying income tax, pensioners getting a better deal and poor pupils receiving extra investment in education.

It’s time for Labour to start saying what they’d do, not just what they are against.

Coun Ian Auckland, Lib Dem Cabinet member