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NOW it is in the open – that motorists are seen as a ready means of squeezing ever more cash to subsidise the public purse – will councillors include it in their manifesto for the May elections?

Latest purge on car drivers comes in the form of a totally unnecessary and inflation-busting increase in the cost of parking permits.

Originally, we were told that these schemes were introduced to protect local people’s ability to park outside their homes, in the face of droves of commuters leaving their vehicles in the area while they went to work in the nearby city centre.

But now a leading city councillor has admitted that the increase in permit charges is to enable the council to subsidise other services provided by the council.

In other words, this has become an extension of our council taxes.

For years we have heard denials that the city council has seen motorists as a means of raising revenue.

That pretence has finally been dropped and we believe that any self-respecting political party ought to have the courage to come clean to the electorate on its relationship with motorists.

Hoping there will be change of heart

AT a time when the city is besieged by those waiting for allotments, it is truly depressing to learn that a private landlord is serving notices to quit on tenants of a group of allotments in Darnall.

All over Sheffield, the demand for allotments is growing as people feel the desire to get back to the land for home-grown produce and exercise.

So we share the sorrow of the people in Darnall who are to lose their allotments, some of which have been lovingly tended by the same families for generations.

In particular, it is sad for big-hearted Jennifer Tomlinson who uses her allotment as a base for a greyhound rescue service she runs.

The news that her tenancy is to be terminated has already led to the heartbreaking decision to have some of the older dogs put to sleep and a huge question mark now hangs over the fate of the remaining animals in her care.

Nobody knows what the current owners have in mind for the site. But there can be no more wholesome purpose than that which it has served for years.

We hope against all expectation that they will have a change of heart and allow the allotment community to continue using the land fruitfully.

But clearly there is a determination about the manner in which they have gone about evicting tenants so we won’t hold our breath.