Tell the fans the plans for Sheffield Club

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I was sorry to read of Sheffield Football Club’s financial difficulties in The Star. As a regular spectator the club appears to have lost its way and the board appear undecided as to what it may become.

Its community involvement is first class but its plans for an oldest club tournament is pointless. Surely some of the £881,250 received in 2011 from the sale of the old rule book could be used during these difficult times. The board should tell us, the regular spectators what the plans are for the club. I am like any other fan living in hope of promotion or a good cup run, but if the first team is starved of finance while all energies are, to be directed at the club’s history and half-time photo opportunities for the chairman then let’s be told and I can find another nonleague club to support, perhaps with less history but more ambition.

P Robb