Tell St Luke’s that greyhound racing is far from glamorous

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I was saddened to learn that St Luke’s Hospice has become acquainted with greyhound racing. They are currently running a competition, the prize is a glamorous night at the dogs.

Greyhound racing is anything but glamorous. Thousands of dogs are bred every year, yet only a relatively small amount of the dogs ever make it to the track. A lot are culled if they aren’t fast enough, past it or become injured. Thousands of dogs are discarded every year by the racing industry. There are so many greyhound specific rescues all over the UK that all have massive waiting lists for dogs to come in. Not all dogs make it to rescue.

I foster for a greyhound rescue. I’ve seen with my own eyes the state of the dogs that come in. The neglect they suffer when they are no longer winning. If a dog gets injured at the track (treatable injuries) they will more than likely be destroyed. What trainer wants a dog that can’t earn it’s keep? 8,000 dogs leave the track every year. Where do people think all the homes for these dogs come from? Our dog pounds and rescues are struggling without the burden the racing industry is putting onto rescue. Hospices do fantastic work at the hardest part of people lives. It seems wrong that they would become involved in a ‘sport’ that causes suffering to so many innocent dogs. Over a hundred people contacted St Luke’s yesterday via their Facebook page voicing their concerns. They declined to reply. I contacted them myself via private message and sent them links to information on the mistreatment of greyhounds. They haven’t replied. I also sent St Luke’s pictures of my ex-racer foster girl Lucy, who was in a state when she arrived. They haven’t replied. Lucy is far from the glamorous image that the racing industry and St lukes are portraying with their competition.

Patricia Turnbull