Telecoms engineer warns others of hearing danger

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A FORMER BT engineer who suffers constant ringing in his ears after years of working with ‘dangerous’ telecoms equipment has issued a warning to other workers after receiving compensation.

Malcolm Crapper, 57, from Sheffield, suffers from tinnitus and hearing loss after using ‘oscillators’ his bosses have admitted were dangerous.

Sheffield law firm Irwin Mitchell is representing more than 250 telecoms engineers in Sheffield who have suffered deafness or tinnitus because they have used the equipment. Mr Crapper, who now needs hearing aids, won £8,450 in compensation after it was found the devices, which transmit a high-pitched sound allowing the user to track telephone cables, were dangerous.

BT has withdrawn them from use but other companies may still be putting workers at risk.

Mr Crapper said: “Nothing can make up for my injuries or the impact it’s had on my life. I only hope my case encourages employers to do all they can to keep workers safe.”