TEENAGERS: Top 5 tips on how to get that first part-time job.

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Having first hand experience on how difficult it is to get a part-time job, here are some quick tips on how to improve your chances.

1. Be Enthusiastic: There is no point going to hand in your CV if your face looks like you don't really want the job, paint on a big Cheshire cat smile even if your mum has dragged you there.

2. Be Persistent: If you are still waiting to hear back from a potential employer, or to know whether they have received you CV. Contact them, they would be quick to do the same if they wanted something from you.

3. Don't be greedy: Sometimes showing that you have had previous experience volunteering can boost your job prospects, it shows you are willing to put others needs before your own.

4. Be available: If they offer you a trial shift, always say that you can do it! Cancel those dinner dates with your partner or friends.

5. Be yourself: Dress appropriately, no midriffs or dirty trainers, but show your own style. If you want to ask a question ask it, companies like inquisitive people - knowledge is power after all.