Teenagers sink in black gloop at colliery heap

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SCHOOLCHILDREN are being warned not to risk their lives on a pit tip after a trio had to be rescued when they got stuck in deep slurry.

Four teenagers – three boys and a girl – are believed to have been playing on the spoil heap at Hatfield Colliery, Doncaster, when three of them sank to their waists in black gloop. Firefighters had to dig them out in a dramatic rescue operation as snow fell on the Stainforth tip.

The incident is not far from where millions of tonnes of spoil slid onto the Doncaster to Thorne railway tracks last month – an incident which illustrated vividly how unstable the tip is because of rain.

It took fire crews about half an hour to dig the trio out at 1.30pm on Saturday and help them to safer ground before they were taken home by police and their parents informed. There were fears the teenagers could have succumbed to hypothermia but they did not need hospital treatment.

A Hatfield Colliery spokesman said: “This incident demonstrates very clearly that a working coal mine is not an adventure playground for children of any age – or for adults either.”