Teenager detained by police for pelting cars on busy Sheffield road with snowballs

Police in the snow (photo: Steve Ellis)
Police in the snow (photo: Steve Ellis)
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A teenager caught pelting cars on a busy Sheffield road with snowballs was today detained by police.

Officers said the 14-year-old boy's reckless behaviour was endangering drivers on Wolfe Road, in Fox Hill.

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The Sheffield South East neighbourhood policing team said: "We do not wish to prevent youngsters having a good time and enjoying the snowy weather but there is a point where fun stops and the danger begins.

"When snowballs / ice-balls are thrown at cars on a dual carriageway (Halifax Road) there is an increased potential for drivers to lose control, especially given the already difficult conditions.

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"Please enjoy the snow. We want you to have fun but will intervene when fun impacts on the welfare and safety of the community."

The boy was detained by officers from South Yorkshire Police's Parson Cross and Southey Green team.

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