Teenage daughter's life cut short by heart illness

RACHEL Lawrence was born with Marfans syndrome, a type of congenital heart disease which would tragically take her life aged 19.

In her final months Rachel relied on 22 tablets a day to keep her alive.

Barbara would tenderly nurse Rachel administering her daily supply of morphine and diazepam – the very same drugs her brothers robbed and stole for.

"She hated seeing her brothers like that," recalled Barbara, her warm face etched with sadness.

"I said to them 'you've had all these years from me and now it's Rachel's time'."

Since her only daughter's death, Barbara has devoted all her love to Rachel's twin Richard, now 23.

"He still lives at home and he's a great lad. He took Tony to Thailand for three months to try and get him clean. Tony came back looking out of this world but within a few weeks he was back dabbling again. It's been hard for Richard. He's lost his twin and his older brother and really he's lost his other brothers too.

"Tony's exhausted every avenue trying to get clean. He's had implants, blockers, rehab, prison sentences and nothing really works for long. I don't see much of him now.

"Gary is in Newcastle now. He was doing really well at a rehab centre but was thrown out when he was caught drink driving. He nearly cracked it and now we'll have to wait and see. I do wonder whether this nightmare will ever be over."