Teenage cyclist pulled from River Don by emergency crews after fall

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A DONCASTER teenager had to be pulled to safety from the bottom of a 6ft river bank after he fell off his bike and landed in the River Don.

The 13-year-old was cycling through Sprotbrough when he came off his pedal cycle and rolled down the river bank.

He ended up trapped in brambles at the bottom of the bank off Newton Lane, dangling precariously over the water.

The emergency services were called and a police officer, who was among the first to arrive at the scene, lowered himself down to the young boy to hold his hand and stop him falling in the water until firefighters arrived with specialist rescue equipment.

Members of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s specialist water rescue team then climbed down the bank and attached the youngster to a rope to pull him to safety.

Paramedics took him to hospital as a precaution.

Fire crews were initially called to Doncaster Rowing Club at Greenfield Lane.

When they arrived, police had already located the boy at the site, close to the rowing club.

Crew manager Chris Mitchell said: “We were told there was a 13-year-old boy in the river and when we arrived we were informed the police had located him.

“He had come off his bike and ended up at the bottom of a 6ft bank trapped in brambles.

“He didn’t know how deep the water below him was, so he was grabbing hold of the bank and brambles to avoid falling in.

“When we got there a police officer was laid on his stomach and was hanging over the end of the bank holding onto the boy to keep him safe.

“The main concern was that the lad thought there may have been deep water below him. It is deep in parts because boats use that waterway.”

Passengers aboard the Wyre Lady pleasure boat witnessed the drama.

The boat sails along the river from a base in Sprotbrough.

One passenger said there was initially talk of the boat getting closer to try to help, until police and an ambulance crew arrived.

She said: “We were quite worried when we saw what was happening. It look as though they had been struggling to get the boy out.

“The policeman was holding him and looked as though he was hanging on to him.

“The bike was still in the water.”

“By the time we came back again later in the journey, it had all been sorted out.”

The boy had been cycling along a path at the well-known beauty spot which has been used by residents for generations.

It is popular with dog walkers, ramblers and cyclists.