Teen wins compensation fight after suffering ‘catastrophic’ brain injury at Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley Hospital
Barnsley Hospital
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A tragic teenager stricken by catastrophic brain injuries after his birth at a Barnsley hospital has won the right to massive compensation from the NHS.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, suffers from acute cerebral palsy, affecting all four limbs, and will never be able to live independently.

Judge Graham Robinson told London’s High Court he would ‘require a substantial degree of care for the rest of his life.’

The case reached court as the boy’s parents asked the judge to approve a settlement, which paved the way for a full assessment of his compensation.

The boy’s legal team claimed medics at Barnsley District Hospital failed to properly treat a blood disorder shortly after his birth, which left him ‘very seriously disabled.’

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust denied liability for his injuries.

But Judge Robinson said that issue had now been ‘compromised’ - so avoiding the risks of a long and costly trial.

He said: “There were real issues concerning what caused his disabilities and it is clear that a number of possible causes would have been advanced. I have no hesitation in approving the compromise which has been struck”.

On a full liability basis, his payout could run into millions of pounds. The case will return to court at a later date unless the amount of his compensation can be agreed.