Teen shares advice on her slimming success

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A TEENAGER who shed the pounds at a special summer camp for youngsters shared tips on how to live more healthily at an outdoor activity weekend.

Natasha Furniss, aged 15, from Herringthorpe, Rotherham, lost 16lb last summer by learning the importance of a balanced diet and taking regular exercise.

She slimmed down by signing up for a six-week course run by MoreLife, which organises weight management programmes.

The course ran at Bewlerley Park in North Yorkshire, where Natasha returned to talk about her progress with other young people who took part.

“I definitely think my attitude towards food and fitness is different,” said the schoolgirl.

“I used to reach for chocolate and crisps without thinking. Also, I could be pretty shy and withdrawn.

“Now, I like to try new activities – I completed a 2km run a little while ago. It wasn’t easy, but I felt great for doing it.”

Natasha weighed more than 11 stone when she started the camp but, just six weeks later, achieved a weight of 10st 3lb.

Her mum Monique said: “Her confidence is way up now. One of the biggest changes we’ve noticed is the way she dresses. Certain snack foods aren’t even allowed in the house any more! We’ve really pulled together to help each other.”

Professor Paul Gately, founder of MoreLife, said Natasha will be a ‘great mentor to friends and family’.