TECHTALK: Why you need a HDR TV in 2015

HDR TV produces much better colours than TVs to date
HDR TV produces much better colours than TVs to date
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Ultra HD might be the buzzword in TV tech at the moment, but as far as Netflix is concerned, there’s a new tech that’s even more exciting.

High Dynamic Range is already used in photography, and it means the TV will produce a much wider range of colours.

The tech is being made available on Samsung’s new-for-2015 Super UHD TVs, and the difference between normal 4K (itself four times crisper than HD) and HDR 4K is clear.

As chief product officer at Netflix Neil Hunt says: “4K creates enough pixels on a screen so that the human eye can’t really perceive any more detail, so we start paying attention to other qualities of the display in our quest for the ideal image. This in turn makes the manufacturers now start looking at ways of putting better pixels on the screen instead of just adding more pixels.

“This means that getting the brightness, contrast, detail and colour realism to improve is more important than upping resolution further.”