TECH TALK: Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet

I'm a practical cyclist - I get on my bike to go places. It's not necessarily for fun, just as a form of transport.

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 12:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 12:19 pm
Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet

Whether I'm heading to work, going out for a spot of lunch or just not wanting to use the car, I much prefer two wheels than standing in a bus queue or walking for an hour or so in the cold.

One of the big problems though is what to do with your cycling gear when you're then joining people in the pub, heading to a work meeting or getting on the train.

Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet

And the bulkiest item you have to deal with is the helmet. It's shape and size mean you can't easily fit it in a bag and leaving it with your bike means it might no longer be there when you return.

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Thankfully this is no longer a problem thanks to Hedkayse - a British design company which has come up with its long-awaited foldable bicycle helmet.

The Hedkayse One is the toughest and most flexible bicycle helmet available on the market, doing everything other polystyrene helmets can do but better.

And as well as it being practical - folding down to half the size of a normal helmet - it is also much safer.

Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet

Since conception, bicycle helmets have been made from polystyrene which is great for a single impact. Unfortunately, one single impact could leave an invisible crack, meaning the helmet is effectively useless and needs to be replaced.

Hedkayse designers George Fox and Andrew Redman by developed a new and previously unused material they’ve trademarked Enkayse, and along came a helmet that not only folds and fits into the smallest of rucksacks but is the first to survive multiple impacts.

Hedkayse One has been shown in test conditions to sustain multiple impacts without incurring the least bit of structural damage. So confident were Hedkayse in its new creation, they ran it over in a car and threw it off a cliff - but it remained unscathed, hardly leaving even a scratch.

It is now fully European Safety Standard approved with certification for US standards later this year.

Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet

There are easy to follow videos online when it comes to the initial fit of your helmet - something that could prove a little tricky - but once that is done it can be taken on and off as simply as a traditional helmet with its easy-release strap. It's then just a case of unstrapping the back and folding it ready to go in your bag.

The helmet itself has a tough and flexible outer shell, four inline vents for maximum airflow and an antibacterial medical grade inside liner. The helmet can fit all head sizes from 49 to 62cm. It is also easy to attach extras such as lights and cameras.

Hedkayse One weighs about 450g and is available in five standard colours with custom colours on request. It is available to order now from the Hedkayse website for £149.99 with delivery due in April.

Hedkayse One foldable cycle helmet