TECH TALK: Feed your pet on your smartphone with Petzi Treat Cam

Doggone it! You can now see, speak, snap and treat your pet using your smartphone - thanks to the amazing new Petzi Treat Cam.

Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 11:57 am
Updated Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 12:04 pm
Petzi Treat Cam - feed your pet using your smartphone

It’s technically an internal plug and play CCTV HD camera, with high quality audio, which is easy to install and simply connects wirelessly to your home WiFi.

But rather than just sending you live video to your smartphone, via its free IOS and Android app, not only can you see, but speak and snap photos remotely of your pet. And, here’s the best bit, at the press of a button it throws out your dog or cat’s favourite treats.

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The UK’s 9 million dogs and 7.9 million cats have a good reason to be purring and wagging tails with delight now this device has arrived in Britain.

Already a huge hit in the US where it launched last summer, the Petzi Treat Cam allows people to (‘see’) video, (‘speak’) audio, (‘snap’) take pictures and (‘treat’) dispense treats to their pets remotely using any internet enabled smart device.

The app will allow owners to share their pet pictures and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its own, soon to launch social Petwork.

It was invented by ex RAF Air Radar Technician Dr Simon Milner, who led a team of engineers, animal trainers and behaviourists.

Petzi Treat Cam - feed your pet using your smartphone

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham tweeted out that Petzi is something she wants, what she really, really wants.

And after testing out the super fun device on my own three-month-old puppy, Lester, I admit it’s something I wouldn’t now be without.

When you leave your dog alone for any time at all, whether you’re nipping out to the shops or off to work, it’s reassuring to be able to take a look at what they are up to on your phone.

The fun really starts when you send them a few of their favourite treats, though Lester did cower under the kitchen table at first until he understood the strange new alien box that had landed was his favourite new best friend.

Petzi Treat Cam - feed your pet using your smartphone

The Petzi Treat Cam features:

EZ–PZ setup and intuitive interface

Sleek, safe and durable design

Petzi Treat Cam - feed your pet using your smartphone

Multiple mounting options to simply place it anywhere that suits your pet’s needs

A sophisticated treat-dispensing system, versatile for use of the widest variety of treats available

With the single push of a button 1–3 dog or cat treats are playfully ejected into the viewing area, making every interaction a fun game

Generous treat hopper holds more than 100 of your pet's favorite treats and snacks

HD camera delivers up to 720p video

Low-light IR “night vision”

Petzi Treat Cam - feed your pet using your smartphone

Wide angle viewing, extended range audio

Ability to share your pet pics and videos (early 2016 software feature) via social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the company’s own, soon to launch social Petwork.

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