TECH TALK: Adonit Photogrip

Today it seems, as we go about our daily lives, there are people taking pictures everywhere.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 12:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 12:08 pm
Adonit Photogrip

Whether it be snapping the perfect selfie, capturing the antics of our kids and pets or simply reminding ourselves of last night's amazing burger, we are constantly clicking away like there's no tomorrow.

What was once a unique app on our phones is now the norm, with the technology inside our mobile devices more enhanced than ever.

Adonit Photogrip with remote and tripod.

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Now we can not only take pictures, but we can shoot videos, send them on to our friends and post them on social media . . . and there's a great piece of technology that can help us do all that.

Enter consumer electronics firm Adonit and the Photogrip, a neat and nifty little device which helps turn your smartphone into a real camera, making life even easier when taking snaps on the move.

Equipped with a small tripod, Bluetooth shutter and camera remote, it's designed to suit all phone sizes including those with cases on.

In a way it reminds me of the Transformers (yes, the robots in disguise-type), as you can quickly convert your bog-standard smartphone into a funky free-standing camera ready to take the perfect shot.

Adonit Photogrip

Thanks to Photogrip, I even have a new-found respect for selfies as the smooth grooved grip allows you to easily hold the phone in front of you, helping avoid those accidental slips which usually result in cracked screens.

The small Bluetooth button remote is a great idea as it allows you to bide your time and shuffle into position for snaps that can be difficult to get right, like the group shots taken at parties or on nights out with friends.

The remote can be used up to 10 metres away from the phone with no timer required, so you just simply click the button when you are ready.

There's also the option of being able to edit your pictures and boomerangs immediately thanks to the inclusion of a mini-precision stylus which is tucked away neatly inside the grip.

Adonit Photogrip

It's that much fun to use I've never taken so many pictures of myself, but sadly no matter how much I practise, I still can't claim to be a photogenic hunk.

The Photogrip can also be used in the upright position for portrait mode so users can FaceTime, live stream on Instagram, view their favourite recipes and watch videos on YouTube.

Equipped with a carry pouch and neck strap, it features an impressive charge capacity of up to 20 hours with the allowance to take up to 72,000 pictures.

It is compatible with iOS 5.0 and above and Android v4.3 and above. The Bluetooth connection requires v3.0 and the device will work with any phone from a minimum size of 4.5".

Edit your photos with the enclosed Adonit Photogrip stylus.

The Adonit Photogrip is available from Amazon and Adonit for £44.99.

Adonit Photogrip
Adonit Photogrip. Use the included remote control and tripod for long shots
Adonit Photogrip
Adonit Photogrip
Adonit Photogrip