Team focus on hamster hunt

Caged: Alan Webster and Richard Armstrong from Polar Ford with rescued Arianna the hamster.
Caged: Alan Webster and Richard Armstrong from Polar Ford with rescued Arianna the hamster.
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buying a new hamster for your child usually brings squeals of delight for a doting dad.

But not when the little rodent does a disappearing trick on the way home from the pet shop.

When Doncaster dad Bhaskar Krishnan arrived home he found the intrepid hamster had escaped from its box and found itself a new home - hiding somewhere in the cabin of the family’s Ford Focus.

Today, Arianna the hamster is recovering from an exhausting ordeal having been trapped inside the car for several days after her bid for freedom.

Bhaskar, from Blaxton, had purchased his daughter a new hamster but whilst driving home, the eager rodent chewed through its box and disappeared under the carpet.

After valiant attempts to coax his daughter Nivrighi’s new pet out of the car, Bhaskar took his Focus to the Polar Ford workshop near where he works in Bradford with the ‘unusual problem’ and a team of technicians carefully dissembled the vehicle’s interior.

Arianna was eventually found alive and well under the front passenger seat after the intricate, 90-minute operation.

Speaking of their ordeal, Bhaskar said: “We left the doors of the Focus open and food inside the car to try and entice Arianna out of her hiding place.

“My daughter didn’t initially believe that I had actually bought her a hamster, so I decided to take the car to Polar Ford to retrieve her new pet.”

Alan Webster, assistant service manager, explained: “Locating hamsters certainly isn’t the sort of problem we are used to solving, but I am proud to say that the team rose to the challenge in a fight against time to rescue the furry fugitive.

“We initially thought that the hamster was trapped behind the dashboard and set about removing the unit, which is a fairly complex job.

“However, it became clear that Arianna could not have crawled so far inside the vehicle, so we turned our attention to elsewhere in the car.”

Richard Armstrong, the technician who uncovered the hamster, said: “After the workshop fell silent, we were able to hear the hamster from underneath the front passenger seat.

“After carefully removing the chair’s bolts, we were able to retrieve Arianna.”

Arianna is now home and safe after her ordeal and will be spending her time inside a hamster wheel, nowhere near a steering wheel.