Teacher was answer to nun’s prayers for roadway assistance

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AS a change from the nasty business of life, I thought I would send you a perfectly true laugh from the past concerning Notre Dame School which my wife and numerous friends attended from years ago at different addresses.

I had a friend who was a teacher and taught at Notre Dame and has been dead for many years.

He was undoubtedly a clever man but was not convinced about the existence of God and all that nonsense.

As he took a lunchtime walk, he came across a nun from the school in a car at the side of the road which it was obvious she could not get started. He stopped and could see that she hadn’t got a clue about car engines and was saying her rosary which she had in her hands.

He asked her to move over and he would see to the problem. He did the proper things and in a couple of minutes had the engine running nicely. She thanked him profusely. He couldn’t resist a sarcastic remark and said that the next time she should send for a mechanic straight away.

She smiled sweetly at him and said: “But you came along in answer to my prayers!”

Vincent Hall, S6