Teacher thrown off Sheffield University course for branding homoxsexuality a sin takes case to court

Felix Ngole
Felix Ngole
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A teacher thrown off a course at the University of Sheffield for branding homosexuality a sin has taken his case to court.

Felix Ngole, a religious education teacher from Barnsley, said homosexuality was a sin during an online discussion on Facebook and was removed from his social work postgraduate degree course over his views.

He is challenging the decision and won a judicial review, which starts at the High Court in London today.

Mr Ngole said he was lawfully expressing a traditional Christian view and has complained that bosses at the University of Sheffield unfairly stopped him completing his studies.

Deputy High Court Judge, Rowena Collins Rice, is due to analyse his claims today.

Sheffield University bosses say the decision to remove him from the course was fair and proportionate.

They said that Mr Ngole was taking a ''professionally qualifying degree' with the aim of becoming a social worker and argued that what he said would affect gay people he might work with.

Mr Ngole, who works as a supply teacher and comes from Cameroon, said the case has implications for others.

He is being backed by the Christian Legal Centre.