Teacher buys £750 Armani gift for A* maths pupil

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Suits me, Sir!

SUPER-talented schoolboy Ahmed Moula is looking a million dollars - after his teacher bought him a £750 Armani suit out of his own money.

The surprise gift was a reward for 16-year-old Ahmed’s achievement in passing his maths GCSE with top marks, seven months ahead of schedule.

The Parkwood Academy pupil is now looking forward to wearing his new threads at the end-of-term prom.

Munif Zia, the Shirecliffe school’s 37-year-old director of maths, said he had spotted Ahmed’s potential and so entered him for the exams early.

“Ahmed comes from a Yemeni family and at first it was a struggle for them in this country,” he said.

“To get an A* was a tremendous achievement and I thought it deserved recognition - not just to reward Ahmed, but to set a marker for the other students.

“It shows them that high attainment brings high rewards and really gets the message across.”

Munif paid for the two-piece suit - imported directly from Italy - out of his own pocket as the school budget did not quite stretch to such a luxury item.

Munif said: “I decided on a suit, because I knew the prom was coming up.

“But more than that, Ahmed will soon be going for interviews at some of the top sixth-form schools in the city and we want him to look good to match his undoubted academic abilities.

“He’s quite a shy lad and I knew it would make a massive difference to him.

“At the moment, we are putting him on a further pure maths course to accelerate his learning even more before he leaves us in June.”

Munif added: “He’s delighted with the gift, which came as a complete surprise to him. Some people have laughed about spending that amount of money on a pupil, but I think it’s worth it.”

Ahmed was stunned to receive his gift.

He said: “I was quite surprised to get the suit - I love it! I’ll probably wear it on special occasions like a wedding or prom. Hopefully, it will last a lifetime.

“Maths is something I really enjoy.”

Ahmed, of Herries Road, close to the school, has a long-term ambition of going to university to study medicine.

Beaming mum, Ibtisam Mohammed, added: “We are all proud of him for doing so well but I was very surprised to find out he’d got such a reward.

“After coming to the country in 2001 we always told him to make the best of himself here.” Parkwood Academy principal, Mike Westerdale, said: “We are delighted with the progress Ahmed has made at Parkwood and it shows we believe in a culture of success and achievement in our journey to become a world-class academy.

“Ahmed is now pursuing further qualifications in mathematics and we look forward to hearing how he succeeds in his university career, hopefully at Oxford or Cambridge.”