Taxi plan keeps students safer

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STUDENTS in Sheffield are set to enjoy safer journeys home at night thanks to a new taxi scheme organised by the city’s student unions.

The Hallam and Sheffield unions have joined forces with City Taxis to provide a safe ride home - even if the student has run out of money.

The Safe Taxi Scheme will allow undergraduates to use their university student card as a deposit.

Hallam’s welfare and community officer Carl Hawkes said: “We think it’s much safer for our students to get a taxi home, even if they haven’t got enough money with them.

“We are really pleased to be launching the scheme, working in collaboration with The University of Sheffield, to ensure all students studying in Sheffield can get home safely day or night.”

Sheffield union welfare officer Mat Denton added: “The number one concern of our organisation is the safety of our students. This new scheme will allow all students safe travel home, with or without money, and will complement the range of safety initiatives we provide.”

In an emergency students are asked to phone City Taxis and mention the scheme, then hand over their university identity card to the driver as a deposit for the fare.

They can pick up their card later from the reception desk at Hallam Union or the welcome desk at Sheffield Union, in exchange for the fare payment.

The scheme covers journeys of up to around five-and-a-half miles, to a maximum value of £10.

City Taxis business development manager Paul Gosney said: “This scheme, in my opinion, is one of the strongest initiatives we have ever launched.

“Students are an integral part to our business and we strive to provide them with the very best service. This scheme should bring an end to students’ safety being compromised when they run out of money, by knowing they can now get home safely using their student card.”