Taxi driver criticises car park refund scheme after discovering only two retailers take part

Car park in Woodhouse
Car park in Woodhouse
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A taxi driver has hit out at a new refund scheme at a Sheffield car park - because only two retailers offer motorists their money back.

Mark Jones paid £1 to park in the Market Square Car Park, in Woodhouse, on Monday while he popped to a nearby shop.

Car park in Woodhouse

Car park in Woodhouse

A tariff board in the car park, run by Bank Park Management, said if he presented his ticket to a retailer then he would be able to get his £1 back.

But the City Taxi driver was angry to discover that only two retailers in the area are offering a refund - and one was closed.

Mr Jones, of Heeley, said: "I went into the supermarket to buy dog food and gave them my ticket and was told that they didn't take them.

"I went into four other shops and were told that they don't take them either. I didn't go into any more.

"I thought this isn't right so I contacted Bank Park Management who runs to car park. They told me only two shops accepted them.

"It's not the £1 that I'm bothered about. I would rather just go into the local charity shop and give it to them, but this feels like a con."

A spokesman for Bank Park Management said as of today there are now five retailers taking part in the scheme.

He said: "The Market Square car park is a new site Bank Park has started managing within the last two weeks.

"The shops that are situated there do not own the land. We put forward a proposal to all the retailers on site and the surrounding area to take part in the park for £1 for an hours parking and then if you are shopping within their store and spend a £1 the motorist will receive the £1 back by way of refund.

"This also helps the shops and land owners ensure no one is abusing the car park and are genuine shoppers.

"We operate this scheme in numerous car parks we manage with fantastic results. And where the £1 is not refunded or the shopper decides to pay more than the pound and pay and display for longer we donate a percentage to charity as is with all our car parks being a charitable company.

"Unfortunately not all the retailers at that location will participate with the £1 refund scheme and deem the £1 or higher tariff reasonable for parking.

"We are still working on trying to get everyone on board as it would be great for the patrons of the shops.

"As of today we have five shops participating in the scheme.

"The signage at the car park clearly states that the £1 will only be refunded by participating retailers. It is the motorist’s responsibility to check the signage at the car park."

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