Tarnished enjoyment

The enjoyment from my first '˜long' bike ride of 2018 from Stannington into Derbyshire was seriously tarnished when returning from Ladybower on the A57.


It wasn’t the long climb straining old legs, it wasn’t fast moving vehicles overtaking at 50 mph at arm’s length or the crumbling drain surrounds, it was the vast amount of rubbish by the roadside.

Just past the Cutthroat Bridge, it’s so bad that rakes and shovels will be required to clear it all up.

Plastic bottles, food trays, crisp packets and at least one baby’s nappy, most likely slung out of vehicles.

Litter affects the roadside right up to the Strines Road and beyond to Manor Top.

Perhaps it’s another reason to take the bike over to Derbyshire in the car.

Sadly, there appears to be no answer to tackling the litter louts.

Whatever happened to my generation’s upbringing taught to bring home our litter and rubbish? Most Western European countries can do it – why can’t we?

Prevention is the cure if not coercion.

Mike Dodgson


Snow clearance

On Wednesday, an ambulance with a sick patient had to be hauled out of a snow-bound street by Mountain Rescue volunteers.

Perhaps a senior member of Sheffield City Council would care to explain to the public why totally clearing and gritting a quiet residential road to allow heavy machinery to come and fell a tree is more important than keeping city roads clear for emergencies, while local grit bins stand empty due to shortages.

It would be very useful, given the approach of local elections, for the electorate to understand the thinking of those asking for our votes so that we can make informed choices about how we want our city run.

H McIlroy

by email

Council tax maths lesson

In reply to Graham Wroe, maths teacher, I am sorry that you feel saddened by my lack of understanding of percentages, I was merely stating the amount of interest, (compound or not ), that the people of Sheffield are expected to pay during last year and this.

I accept that your figures are probably right, I did not delve into the issue so deeply but your statement only confirms my concerns regarding the amount the good people of Sheffield are expected to find to pay for services that have already been greatly reduced.

I mentioned the amenities sites etc, but take a look at the drains on your streets.

When was the last time they were cleaned? Many are filled to the brim with sediment, no wonder the rain water isn’t dispersed as well as it should.

One last comment to you though Graham, I see you are intrigued with facts and figures, please re-read my letter dated February 21. You will find that I mentioned last year as 4.99 and this current year as 5.99, not the other way round as you stated in your reply on February 28.

It really does sadden me too when people are only too happy to contradict but can’t be bothered to read what’s in front of them.

If nothing else, at least it gives you free advertisement to your website.

Ron Sanderson

by email

Somewhat dishonest

I refer to the Application of Mayor for the Sheffield region by the Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis. He has made no secret of the fact that he has joined forces with Barnsley and Doncaster to press for a Yorkshirewide region with its own elected Mayor.

During Prime Ministers Question time on February 28, it was mentioned that he and another Yorkshire MP had met the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid to press this very point.

It seems somewhat dishonest by Jarvis to seek election as Mayor of the Sheffield Region, when his attention devoted to replacing it with a countywide region.

How can it be that he will be a suitable candidate for our region, while lobbying for an alternative regional arrangement?

I suggest voters should bear this in mind when voting in May. Indeed, I further suggest, that he should be declared ineligible for this post.

D Jordan

Fulwood, Sheffield

Load of cobblers

I have just walked out of a shop in a severe state of shock and wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.

The shop concerned was a well known High Street shoe repairer chain who have just heeled my shoes.

I’ve not had them done for a while and was aghast when they told me the price, £17.95!

I can buy a new pair for not much more than this and wish I had done.

How on earth do they get to this figure?

We are used to restaurants having a mark-up of X3 on their supermarket wine, (X5 if they are the greedy ones), but the profit margin on these bulk-bought rubber heels must be phenomenal, and it’s not exactly rocket science to fit them, (four nails in each heel actually).

Can someone in the trade please explain how they justify these prices, or am I just talking a load of cobblers?

HJ Greaves

by email

Good news about old pub

Extremely good news that the Farfield Inn, Neepsend is now going to be redeveloped as a public house after lying gutted since the floods of 2007.

Properties like the Farfield aren’t often championed. I understand that the building has been recently added to the buildings at risk register and wonder if that welcome development was a factor in its redemption?

A further plea for the porters’ lodge at the former Royal Infirmary which has undergrowth or even a small tree growing through the roof and some horrendous graffiti. The former police building on Infirmary Road is surely an eyesore in the vicinity of what is a wonderful piece of Georgian Sheffield and a fabulous building undergoing a needed revamp.

Action please.

Ron Clayton