Tame now they’re tied

Carol McGiffen: Prowess
Carol McGiffen: Prowess
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Coleen Nolan called it a bitch-fest backstage.

But on screen, the Loose Women cast have turned into a bunch of loved-up cats cooing over having their cream.

I had the misfortune of being ill last week; an even greater misfortune was switching ITV on to help the lunchtime cup of soup go down and catching an episode.

Firstly, everyone was sooo smutty. And secondly, everyone was so smugly in lurve. Carol McGiffen and Denise Welch have both got toyboys and kept making references to their sexual prowess and former cruise-ship crooner Jane McDonald kept mentioning the bloke now floating her boat.

They were far funnier when they were catty man-haters. Happiness has clipped their claws.