Talking Zulu helps heroes

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A TALK held in Sheffield which brought to life one of the most famous battles of all time raised thousands of pounds to help present-day soldiers injured in Afghanistan.

The event, by expert Rob Caskie at the Cutler’s Hall, was one of a series of presentations about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift.

Mr Caskie, who provides tours of the South African battlefield, told how just 139 British soldiers held out against 4,000 Zulus, who had just massacred 1,000 British troops 10 miles away earlier the same day in 1879.

Retired health service manager Katherine Mysberg, aged 91, of Norfolk Park, was among those who attended after reading about the event in The Star. She heard how her grandfather, Surgeon Major James Henry Reynolds, operated on injured soldiers without anaesthetic as the battle raged and helped carry supplies and ammunition.

British bayonets and swords carried by officers at the battle were made from Sheffield steel.