Talking about my generation

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THE generation gap is a familiar phrase, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept it as fact.

Of course, there are experiences which can cause misunderstandings between age groups.

But often experiences can unite and so it has been proved by a Sheffield project which is bringing young and old together.

The initiative came from a project for young homeless people and an accomodation scheme for the elderly.

They introduced the generations who happily discovered they have a lot in common.

After all, they have shared the same emotions, experiences, fears and joys. Some have also done things they regreted - be they 80 or 18 - and discovered that age is no barrier to learning from your mistakes.

Today’s Family Matters feature reports how the youngsters even went over and cleared the snow outside the elderly people’s home without being asked.

It proves that fundamentally we all have the same needs, aspirations and fears. So who mentioned the generation gap? Consider it bridged.

Top job for city son is just capital

IF you’re looking for someone to tackle a tough job, call a Sheffielder.

That is what the Metropolitan Police did when it was looking for a new Commissioner and so Wincobank schoolboy Bernard Hogan-Howen landed the top job in the business.

He’s now responsible for leading counter terrorism policing and the protection of the Royal Family and government ministers.

Not bad for a lad who was brought up in Ecclesfield.

Colleagues describe Mr Hogan-Howe as being focused on performance but being a nice guy too. He’s also an example of what hard work can achieve.

Now he faces the demands of our capital city, but we are sure this Sheffielder is steely enough to tackle the Met’s challenges.

Cathedral at a snip

WHERE once there was a hairdressers, now stands a place of worship.

Never mind the still present smell of conditioner, a former city centre salon is now the temporary Cathedral of St Marie’s. Or at least it is for the next year while a £2 million restoration of next door’s grade II listed, 19th century Cathedral is carried out.

Does this make it a church at the cutting edge? Well, they do say God moves in mysterious ways...