Tales of the North Pole...

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Santa’s workshop is a wonderful place all year long, but on Christmas Eve it’s even more exciting than you could imagine!

Our day started bright and early this morning with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

After we’d eaten, I took a walk around the workshop, watching the elves check the toys one final time, wrap them all up and double-check the naughty and nice list.

Out in the stables, the reindeer were having their coats brushed until they shone, and Rudolph’s nose was getting a good polish! It always tickles him and makes him laugh, which makes the elves laugh even more.

Everybody is in such good spirits. I smiled as I headed back into the house where Mrs Claus was finishing up my red Christmas Eve suit, polishing the buttons and brushing my black boots until they sparkled.

“Come slip this on dear, let me see how it fits,” she said with a proud smile.

I slipped the lovely jacket on and buttoned it up. It fitted perfectly.

“Lovely,” she smiled as she kissed the end of my nose.

I am very excited indeed my little friends, this is my absolute favourite day of the year, and it’s such a long wait for it all year long.

But now it’s finally here and I’m almost on my way.

So get to bed nice and early tonight, close your eyes and have lovely dreams of flying reindeer and magical sleigh rides.

Merry Christmas to all - and to all, a good night!

Love, Santa x