Take Two: Another look at Sheffield

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Our columnist Colin Drury on significant dates and car debates...


An interesting afternoon in Paradise Square 175 years ago today.

Then, on May 19 1839, thousands of Chartists from across South Yorkshire gathered to protest against the Poor Law.

But if the authorities feared trouble, they were pleasantly surprised. The mass meeting passed, reported the Sheffield Iris, with the “greatest order, harmony and peace”.


And 95 years ago tomorrow King George V visited the city.

The monarch was cheered by tens of thousands of onlookers outside Town Hall - most of who had been given the day off work.

Rather fewer turned out for Liz last time she came, of course. But, tell you what, bet a few of us would be only too willing to give her a cheer if it meant a day from the office.


A reader gets in touch after this column supported the idea of an annual car free day in Sheffield.

“If everyone caught the bus then a lot of people would be late as the services would not cope,” says conradpoons (probably not his real name) on The Star website.

Perhaps so. Or maybe with less cars on the road, buses would be quicker and more smoothly running.


It’s been a busy year for Dore Male Voice Choir.

The group has celebrating its 50th anniversary with concerts at Sheffield City Hall and the Winter Garden, and - perhaps most prestigiously of all - with an appearance on this page.

Now, the choir will perform at London Guild Hall on June 2.

“It’s a brilliant way to mark half a century,” says singer Ray Mellor.