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At a time when there are around 18,000 people on the council waiting list, the organisation is facing a growing problem of matching people with suitable homes. So this is a terrific way to move people from properties which are now too big for them and getting families off the waiting list.

We appreciate that this needs a great deal of organisation. It is not a simple job to move someone to a new home which will suit all their needs.

However, we can now see that this is beginning to happen and that the first families have moved out of homes which they no longer find suitable.

And the good news is that this then provides larger family homes for those who need them.

We encourage all council tenants to see if they can make use of this system.

Sign up to register to be a life saver

BETTY Rayner transformed her husband Robert’s life when she took the brave step of giving him one of her kidneys. That single act of generosity means Robert has gone from being unable to make it to the end of his garden path to gearing up for the British Transplant Games.

The couple have told their amazing story in the hope of inspiring others. And saving lives.

Three people die every day while waiting for a donor organ because there simply aren’t enough people signing up to the register.

What about you? Adding your name is a very simple thing to do but could literally mean everything to somebody on the list.

Inspiring confidence

THERE might be reason for some healthy scepticism about claims that rising fuel prices are pushing people onto two wheels.

All the more so when it comes from a company whose main business involves supplying hi-tech, fashionable designer wear and accessories for cyclists, including airline flight cases for bicycles, all of which aren’t exactly at the cheap-and-cheerful end of the market.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see the success of Dronfield-based Polaris Apparel – and all the more so because it appears to be built on the foundations of a firm relationship with a high street bank which has been willing to come up with financial solutions that enable a small business to expand.

Polaris’s success is well earned and so is the accolade for the Yorkshire Bank’s South Yorkshire Financial Solutions Centre. We need more banks that inspire confidence in their small business customers.