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Litter problems in Page Hall
Litter problems in Page Hall
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Coun Ibrar Hussain, Shefield Council Labour member for Burngreave, spoke out after hearing from Paul Downend, who lives in Page Hall and has complained about the problem affecting streets in the area, including Firth Park Road.

Coun Ibrar Hussain

Coun Ibrar Hussain

Mr Downend sent councillors and officials pictures of rubbish scattered across pavements and shops leaving their bins outside.

He said: “I must express my frustration at the attitude of certain residents in this area.

“The general antipathy is, quite frankly, breathtaking.

“As one who regularly attends the residents’ meeting, I was interested to hear about our MP David Blunkett’s visit, who backed the police’s suggestion to bring forward the resurfacing project for this area in an attempt to improve the area.

“However, I feel this will be a waste of time and money, until wanton littering stops.”

“I have lived in this area all my life, am a council tax payer and voter, and feel the area is becoming a human and waste dumping ground.

“Until drastic measures are taken to improve this, longstanding residents such as myself, cannot continue to tolerate this situation.”

Coun Hussain, whose ward includes Page Hall and who received Mr Downend’s emails, said: “We are aware of the issues.

“Councillors are working hard with our Streets Ahead highways contractor Amey, police, and community representatives.

“As councillors, we have been on walkabouts, met businesses and residents, and discussed the issues.

“We have had enforcement officers in the area too, who have issued a couple of fines, but there is little more we can do.

“We need people who live and work in the area to take more pride.”

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