Take control of the traffic pollution

Buses on Sheffield's High Street
Buses on Sheffield's High Street
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I have just watched Look North’s piece on pollution in Sheffield, particularly prevalent at the Midland Station because of taxis waiting with their engines running and Tinsley because it is near the M1.

Sheffield, because of its geographical location and the close proximity of the motorway suffers pollution problems.

The city council should be doing its utmost to correct or at least minimise the pollution citywide and in particular the city centre, so what do we get?

We get approval to divert essential bus routes and curtail others altogether, thereby forcing some people back into their cars.

Am I on my own in thinking what a way to cut traffic pollution?

Does the Bus Partnership think this is really in the public interest or is it just profit-driven, more so because subsidies are being squeezed by the Government?

I believe the council are risking gridlock in the city centre because of their shortsightedness and failure to stand up to the bus companies, who appear to be a law unto themselves in route planning and where buses can stand with their engines running.

At any time of the day on High Street and Church Street buses can come to a standstill if one bus driver on Church Street double parks to allow passengers to board or alight. This is due to the stop only being long enough for four buses and quite a few more required to stop.

A few minutes’ delay on Church Street at peak time results in a tailback down to Arundel Gate and beyond.

Will the city council please take control of the traffic and transport situation in this city before it’s too late.

They were elected to serve the city, not ignore the people who believed what they were saying before the election.

John Griffin

Saxonlea Avenue, S2