Take care when using ATMs, you could lose out

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I recently needed to withdraw a large sum of money from a cash machine inside the Co-op store on Birley Moor Road.

The money was dispensed, but trying to remove it, £30 was taken back into the machine, which then switched off. A message flashed on the screen to the effect that ‘service personnel have been informed’. Several people behind me saw the incident.

I reported the malfunction to the duty manager, who advised me to contact the ATM operator. I contacted their customer services department and they said I should contact my bank, who would fill out a reclaim form, allowing the Co-op Bank to investigate.

My bank (The Post Office) told me that as the machine is operated by the Co-op Bank, my complaint should be directed to them. After several frustrating calls to both sides, someone at the Post Office agreed to take up my case.

A month later, I received a letter from the Post Office, saying: “As the machine balanced on that day, they cannot repay the money.”

Despite the witnesses and reporting the facts to the manager, I have lost £30.

I can only assume that when the machine switched back on, it dropped my cash into somebody’s outstretched hand.

Take care when using these machines – you,too, could lose your money.

Tim Burgoyne