Take a walk, but take your secateurs as well

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I WONDER what ‘necessity’ readers take with them when they undertake a rural stroll?

My ideal item is a pair of secateurs which fold up neatly into a mobile phone-sized pouch.

It is such a useful tool and it really does make life easier (safer) for not only me, but also for other walkers and cyclists!

Take a recent walk I undertook as a prime example of what can be achieved.

As I strolled as far as Greaves Lane, Stannington and into the wonderful Loxley Valley, the horrendously long brambles snared me along the way. They were dangerous beyond belief!

Twenty minutes later, as I made my way along the banks of the River Loxley, towards the Dam Flask reservoir, the whole length of the public footpath between the fisheries and up to Stacey Bank were an almost impossible ordeal.

All due to the masses of overgrown vegetation, brambles and stinging nettles. Once again my trusty fold-up secateurs came to the rescue.

Is it any wonder children don’t want to go on walks in the countryside if these types of situations confronts them?

Geoff Evans, East Ave, Bolsover