Take a cold water dip in Hathersage this new year

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Hathersage Outdoor Pool will be opening for a festive cold-water swim on News Years Day.

A January 1 swim is a tradition that’s been aaround for decades, starting at coastal towns where people gather for a dip in the ice-cold sea. The tradition has now spread across the country, with people all over the UK braving the cold to take part in one of the organised swims in their local area.

A spokesman for Hathersage Outdoor Pool said: “If you’re feeling adventurous, join the hundreds of people jumping into the new year with a splash at Hathersage Swimming Pool’s fourth annual New Years Day Dip! The pool will be open for unheated swimming 11am-3pm, so have a dip and feel revitalised and ready to take on 2017.”