Tackling symptom not crash causes

20mph speed limit sign
20mph speed limit sign
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PERHAPS he’d left the gas on.

Or maybe he was keen to get home in time for the next episode of Grime Fighters.

Speed camera on Watnall Road

Speed camera on Watnall Road

But whatever the reason, he was pushing it. Driving like a madman, that is.

You approach my home up a hill to a T-junction.

Now when I was taught to drive, I learned to stop at such junctions and take stock of what traffic was about.

Even on quiet estate roads.

But not this fella.

He approached the junction partially on the wrong side of the road, glanced to his left and whipped round.

Luckily, nothing was coming from the right.

But something could have. And it could, therefore, have been quite serious.

So what is the council doing about it?

Paving the way for 20mph limits on our estate roads.

Don’t make me laugh.

The bloke in the red Astra would still have driven crazily if the council insisted we drive at snail’s pace behind a man with a red flag.

However, the good people of Stradbroke are to be invited to drive at 20mph.

No doubt some, probably most, will plod along at the new limit.

But what about the dummies behind the wheel?

Those who think rules are for everyone else but them?

Probably the same people who see a queue of traffic and whip up the outside lane to squeeze in a few hundred yards further on, saving them all of half a minute but leaving a trail of fuming fellow-motorists in their wake!

They will still drive like lunatics and put people’s lives at risk. The justification for this speed limit imposition is the accident record for the area.

Someone has gone to the trouble to count the times vehicles have been involved in scrapes.

They also showed that a number of pedestrians were hurt, including several schoolchildren.

I hope the kids are alright now. But are these statistics reliable? Are they giving us a proper picture of what has been happening on Stradbroke’s roads?

Not a bit of it.

I have no knowledge of the circumstances of any of the accidents. Nor, I suspect, have the statisticians who number-crunched the information used to justify this.

However, I do know that some kids shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a road.

If you are a driver, then I am sure you have come across groups of youngsters who dawdle across a road in an insolent manner.

They know a car is coming. But they appear to actually slow down, almost daring you to drive at the speed limit.

A friend tells me that in his motoring career, which has covered many years and many thousands of miles, the only two times he has come close to an accident was when pedestrians stepped into the road. They weren’t looking.

There was a case the other day where we reported the inquest on a young man who died while playing chicken.

Arms outstretched, he stood in the path of a lorry which hit him and claimed his life. He was just 18.

A terrible, terrible waste of a young life. And I can’t begin to feel the hurt his family is suffering.

But his death will be seized upon by some bureaucrat to show that the death toll on our roads is unacceptable.

Yes it is. But a 20mph limit would not have prevented this death.

This is dealing with the symptom not the cause of accidents.