Tackle these jobs...then leave them alone until next year!

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Too often, house cleaning can feel like a cycle of hoovering and polishing that never ends.

So if you want to feel truly productive, why not pick a Saturday and start the next season off with a big blow-out clean of things that only need cleaning once a year? That way, once it’s done, you won’t have to tackle them again for another 365 days. Ahhh...

- Wipe down your windows - inside and out. Wipe all the dirt and dust from the frame and then spray the glass.

- Wash curtains. You may be able to load them into the washing machine or it may be necessary to take them to the dry cleaners, so check carefully before you start washing.

- Hoover the fireplace and get your chimney inspected by a professional to make sure everything is tiptop.

- Deep-clean upholstered furniture, like your sofas. It’s a good idea to call a professional in to do this too.

- Give your garage a good purge of all the things it accumulates in the course of a year - the boxes your children’s birthday presents came in, bags for charity and - like most of us these days - a huge collection of carrier bags that we keep meaning to re-use. Ask yourself if you really need everything in there anymore. If you don’t, throw it.

- If you have any heating or air-conditioning vents, give them a good hoover to prevent dust from blowing around the house.

- Wipe down all of your outdoor furniture. Put a squirt of washing up liquid into a bowl of warm water, wipe down all tables ans chairs, and then finish off with a spray of the garden hose.

- Deep clean your carpet. Even if the carpet looks in decent shape, you’ll be amazed the difference a professional cleaning can make

- Empty your rain gutters, time to scrape all the dried leaves and frisbees out of there.