System of care for the elderly needs huge improvements

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I was so pleased to read your article in The Star, Saturday, September 6, on overcharging by the council for care visits to the elderly. I have complained about this on more than one occasion over the past five years, so I am bemused to read that the spokesman for the council is saying that they have dealt with this as soon as it came to light!

I have always been told that they charge by what is in the care plan for that particular person, and not by the actual length of call carried out, or the actual charge made to the council by the care company. I have argued with them that this is not fair on the person being cared for, but the reply has always been that that is the system that the council use. I have told them they needed to change the system, but, thankfully, Linda Moss seems to have succeeded in getting through to them!

I was told by a care company last December that they would not charge for a particular call. The council charged for the call on their invoice, so I told them that the care company had not made a charge, so we needed a credit. I was told it is not up to the care companies to decide whether you are charged for a call or not and that that is the council’s decision! Presumably, this is an example of the council requesting payment for something they have not actually been charged for in the first place.

I wish Ms Moss every success with her “crusade”. We have been involved in trying to sort out problems in the care system over the years, and have been told on several occasions “That’s just the way it is!” This will not bring changes.

The care system for the elderly in Sheffield needs a lot of improvement, and the more people get involved and try to change things, then hopefully the sooner our elderly citizens will receive the care and dignity they deserve.

HA Robinson.

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