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Oliver Letwin
Oliver Letwin
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Tory Minister Oliver Letwin recently ran into a storm of protest regarding his sinister comments concerning urban regeneration strategy back in 1985, which were revealed under the “30-year rule.

The focus of the tempest, understandably, has been the racist connotations contained within them.

Yet The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster also stated that there were white urban communities at the time who had endured very similar depths of deprivation and Shameless-type discrimination for decades without rioting.

Hence, by implication, they could continue to be imposed upon and thus endure without complaining, enabling the rich to get richer at their expense – while at the same time blaming the victims for their own plight.

This represents an equally outrageous viewpoint in my opinion and begs the question as to how come it was only the “racist” element that was focused upon.

So perhaps the supposedly socially inclusive politicians can explain?

Social unrest born of such policies has erupted from time to time.

Government have reacted by throwing money at the problems in the form of regeneration strategies based upon such as garden festivals or the nurturing of companies such as A4e (as then was), Serco and the like.

Seemingly, this is to little on-going effect from the point of view of those that such funds were supposed to help.

Once again, however, it appears to be the established vested interests that manage to hijack the process to their own advantage as usual.

Indeed, it never ceases to amaze that so much money can be spent to seemingly so little good effect, while at the same time enriching the few.

So perhaps what is needed is a focus upon second-order change rather than of the first-order variety?

Governments should cease advocating solutions to problems born of piecemeal change within the existing socioeconomic and political system, and focus on changing the system itself, creating a whole new system fit for the 21st century, rather than taking us back to mediaeval times?

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield S36