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Migrants and refugee
Migrants and refugee
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I am writing to bring to your attention the distress caused by the recent crisis regarding the Syrian refugees.

I feel that the media isn’t doing enough to bring this humanitarian crisis to the public’s attention.

The majority of the articles have done a lot to dehumanise the refugees and make them out to be something that they are not.

The media is publicising that the refugees coming from Syria are migrants.

The Syrians are coming to Europe to seek safety and escape frantic and utterly terrifying conditions.

Wouldn’t you want to escape if every day was a living hell of isolated acconomy, no free speech, no democracy and no peaceful resolution?

It is truly shocking to think that the desperation, caused by the war, has left Syrians to believe that anything is better than being in their country.

They risk drowning while travelling overseas in small boats only to be greeted by hate and racism due to reductive prejorative terminology from the media.

Producing articles describing the refugees as migrants is doing nothing but advertise ignorance oand providing the public with false information and negativity.

How many of you have voluntarily, out of the goodness of your heart, donated anything to a refugee camp?

There are so many opportunities that we have that aren’t taken.

I hope that reading this has inspired you in some way to make a difference.

Alexa Metcalfe

Wales High School

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