SY Police Commissioner - what you’ve been saying online

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HERE’S what you’ve been saying on line about the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

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“If it wasn’t for postal voting forms, I wouldn’t have known anything about any elections.”


“Maybe the Government should learn to ask us first if we want these changes, instead of forcing it down our throats.

“Why would you place somebody in such a position that’s probably got no experience of the police at all?”

Comrade Door:

“I think the good people of this country have shown their utter contempt for this sham.

“No doubt, the winners will claim a mandate for their policies, when the vast majority of the people did not vote for them.

“Democracy sounds like a good thing, we should try it some time.”


“I got literature from the Liberal Democrat and Labour candidates and I voted.

“The only problem is the usual ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude these days.

“My father used to say those who don’t vote have no grounds to complain if they don’t like what they end up with. So true.”


“Another waste of public money.”


“One reason for low turnout is lack of information.

“In Darnall there were no information leaflets pushed through doors. No-one who I know received the pamphlet advertised on TV.

“How can people make an informed vote when they haven’t got information?


“They have no mandate, all PCCs should be fired without compensation.”