Sweltering bus journeys not pleasant

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Why do the companies that run the bus services in Sheffield never ever shut off the heating on their vehicles?

Why doesn’t the maintenance schedule state that all vehicles heating systems should be shut off in April?

Only last week I caught the 79 Stagecoach service to Ecclesfield. It was a hot day but the ride was spoilt by the heating system being on and the journey was very uncomfortable to say the least.

I’ve complained directly to First before but nothing seems to happen. Some buses have their heating systems off but the majority have it on, why?

My other gripe is the First ticket machines. You proffer a bus pass to the machine and though it only takes a few seconds to eject a ticket it seems an age.

Imagine the time lost in a day waiting for a ticket, but on the other hand Stagecoach and TM Travel have a much better system, within a second of showing a pass it’s accepted, very quick.

Bus travel should be a pleasant experience but it rarely is – food on seats, the Metro thrown on the floor, bottles and drink cans rolling around, teenagers shouting and swearing, older people turn out the language too. I don’t want to sit and listen to the filth that’s spewed out on a daily basis.

Only yesterday I was travelling back from town when a woman received a call from a friend about an incident that had happened the night before, then the F word was every other word and to look at her she looked a decent person.

She did come out with a brilliant statement though.

I quote: “She may be stronger than me physically but I’m much stronger than her in my mind”???


Vin Malone

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