Svein leads Viking invasion at Bramall Lane

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WHEN Blades fan Svein Inge Olsen heard Tony Currie was giving tours of Bramall Lane there was Norway he was going to miss out...

Svein, who lives in the coastal Norwegian town of Kristiansand, has been a Blades supporter for more than 40 years and got hooked on the club because of star players such as Currie and Alan Woodward.

He became one of the first people to attend Currie’s newly launched tours of the United stadium and Legends of the Lane museum.

Svein flew to England, despite a fear of flying, for a two-day visit just to attend the tours and meet the Blades legend.

He said: “When I heard about the tours Tony was doing at Bramall Lane, it was something I just had to do.

“It’s my first visit to England and it will be a trip I will never forget.

“It was a very big moment for me. Bramall Lane was very impressive and to walk around the stadium was very special.

“When you meet your heroes, you don’t know how they are going to be. But Tony was a very kind man and I talked to him for a while afterwards. It was great to spend that time with him.”

The tours with the former United star include a visit to the Legends of the Lane museum.

Visitors also get to walk along the player’s tunnel, see the first-team dressing rooms and get to see the pitch close up.

Tony Currie said: “It was good to meet Svein and talk to him about English football in the 1970s.

“He was very knowledgeable about the game and the Blades, so I was pleased to show him around the place he had always wanted to visit.

“Svein is a journalist in Norway and he will be writing a story on his visit. “So we might get more people from the country coming to attend the tours.

He added: “I might have to learn Norwegian!”

The tours are priced £5 for adults and £3 for concessions. They last around 75 minutes and fans are encouraged to take a camera.

Each participant receives an exclusive signed Tony Currie picture.

Anyone interested in taking part should call Sheffield United on 08719 951889 for more information.