Surreal scenes and Lib Dems

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Scenes of the £2m wall around our City Hall and the army of police, helicopters and flocks of journalists and media correspondents on every corner, are surreal indeed.

Some things never change, though. Yet again we heard Clegg offer the Lib Dem line that students have never been so well off and only 270 jobs will go in Sheffield.

People aren’t the idiots the Lib Dems once took them for. Student debts will double (in some cases treble) and job losses are set to be 800, including 460 that have gone and will not be replaced and at least 150 in the out-sourced sector.

The problem with Mr Clegg’s spin is that we in Sheffield call it lying and that is why the Lib Dems attract so much anger. And that is what will cost the party its future, at least in Sheffield.

Peter Davies, GMB Organiser, Sheffield

what exactly did the Lib Dem conference bring to Sheffield? It wasn’t shoppers, as Saturday was dead in town. I felt really safe, though, walking round town with all the police. But, I’d better not get used to seeing police on the streets as, with cutbacks, they’ll be rare as hen’s teeth.

Jayne Grayson

Clegg says he hasn’t lost his soul. No. He sold it to Cameron. If he thinks he has done no wrong, why does he keep bleating on about these things?

Name and address supplied

nick Clegg said the Lib Dems had not lost their souls. That’s correct. They sold them, didn’t they?

Gaynor Peters, Hallam