Surgeon’s ban too late

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A Barnsley Hospital consultant breast surgeon who was so incompetent her performance has been described as below that of a newly-qualified doctor has finally been banned from wielding a scalpel ever again.

Too late, though. Puvaneswary Markandoo left 35 women disfigured and in long-lasting pain during her three years at the hospital.

It beggars belief that no one spotted her inadequacies at the interview, let alone when she started work at Barnsley in 2005.

It took the bitter complains of women whose bodies had been ruined before any action was taken again her.

The NHS had to fork out £1.2 million in compensation to those women. The General Medical Council found her deficient in 11 areas.

But what happened then is almost as bad. She was only banned from practising at private hospitals. Her NHS work was allowed to continue, provided she got more training and worked under supervision.

It seemed the wellbeing of patients with the money to pay for the best was worth far more than those who were treated on the NHS.

I suppose we should all be relieved to hear Markandoo, now in her 60s, has finally been deemed not fit even for that.