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It was with a lot of nostalgia that I looked at the photograph of the Surestart building on Bellhouse Road in the Star on Saturday, August 29.

When I attended St Patricks Primary School in the late 1940s and early 1950s, that was the home of Doctor Hudson, a popular local GP.

He lived there with his wife and three children who were John, Judy and Penny. Judy was my friend and called for me every morning on her way to school.

Living in a council house, I was amazed that some people lived in houses that were so big and I loved to visit Judy.

When the children were quite young, sadly their mother died.

First they were looked after by a housekeeper, and then were sent to boarding schools. After that we lost touch.

Some years later around 1990, I met Doctor Hudson again when I was working at Firth Park Library where he was a borrower, now retired and living at Norwood.

His son John had become a doctor also, and Judy was living in Dublin, married with four children.

I wonder if she remembers the days when she walked from Bellhouse Road up to Sheffield Lane Top, often on her own?

But children often did that then.

Monica Dyson

(Monica Makes Sense)